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Understanding the New INP Metrics on Core Web Vitals

Recently, Google has introduced a new metric known as “INP” (Interaction to Next Paint), which will replace the “FID” (First Input Delay) metric in Core Web Vitals. In this article, we will explore what INP is, how it differs from FID, and why it is a significant change for developers and website owners.

What is INP?

INP focuses on measuring the interactivity and responsiveness of a website. Unlike FID, which only considers the delay of the first input, INP evaluates the site’s response throughout the entire user session. This metric helps to better understand how a real user experiences the site’s interactivity, capturing not only the first but also subsequent input events during page loading.

Differences between INP and FID

  1. Scope of Measurement: While FID only measures the delay between the first user interaction event and the moment the browser can respond, INP measures all interaction events, providing a more comprehensive view of the user experience.
  2. Focus on User Experience: INP is designed to better reflect the actual user experience when interacting with a webpage. This means it focuses on the user’s perception of the speed and responsiveness of a site, rather than just technical metrics.
  3. Improved Accuracy: By measuring multiple interactions, INP can provide a more accurate and detailed assessment of a site’s interactivity, which helps identify and solve specific problems that might not be evident with FID.

Impact of INP on SEO

The introduction of INP as a key metric in Core Web Vitals underscores the importance of creating websites that are not only fast and efficient but also highly interactive and responsive. For developers, this means a renewed focus on optimizing the user experience, paying attention not only to the initial page load but also to how the site behaves during user interaction. Google continues to emphasize the importance of a smooth and fast user experience, meaning sites that score high on this metric could see improvements in their search rankings.

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